Super Bowl Cheese Class

Well, the Capriole Colts have been knocked out and the Big Woods Blue Vikings are eliminated from my Super Bowl cheese class. The Guggisberg Swiss Bengals are gone too. This week the cheese powerhouse states of Wisconsin and California are battling it (Go Niners!) which one could argue is the real cheese Super Bowl.

How will it end? Will cheese predict the Super Bowl winner? Sign up for my class and find out!

Friday Feb 1 at the SF Cheese School!


The Super Bowl, a time for cheering, chanting, and cheese. In this class, the cheeses from the home state of the bowl-bound teams will go head-to-head. You’ll decide who the winner is ahead of Sunday’s game. You’ll also taste the party-ready cheeses and accompaniments instructor and legendary cheese buyer Gordon Edgar thinks are worthy of a trophy.

4 responses to “Super Bowl Cheese Class

  1. Allin Tallmadge

    It’s Pleasnat Ridge Reserve vs Point Reyes Toma for this weekend. Sweet Grass Green Hill vs Mt Townsend Seastack; Brazos Van Sorman vs Cato Corner Bridgid’s Abbey; Haystack Mtn Queso de Mano vs Firefly Cabra La Mancha.

    • I’m not sure California has an answer for Pleasant Ridge, but can Wisconsin defend against Northern California goat cheese?

  2. Allin Tallmadge

    Well, I guess it’s Green Bay by ten pts.

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