10 things about my cheesy life.

Clearly I do not have enough time to make consistent blog posts. I think I will have to resort to lists until the end of the year.

1. I got asked again by a customer “Who ghost wrote your book for you?” Because I know you are curious, usually people ask because they want a recommendation on who to hire to help them develop a personal brand. And no, they usually have not read my book.

2. Not that there’s anything wrong with not having read my book. Most Americans have not read my book.

3. We adopted an Alp from the awesome Caroline Hostettler. Program info is here. Basically, this is a program to support cheesemakers who are still doing the traditional seasonal migration of animals up and down the Alps (also known as transhumance). Our cheese is awesome. Made between 6500-8000 ft, it is buttery, grassy, nutty, and milky sweet. It is on the younger side so it doesn’t have the onioniness pungency of a more aged Swiss Alp Cheese, but it is much more complex than most of the young Swisses that come into the US.

4. We got the party Alp, Obern Galm. Here’s the party alp theme song (I don’t know why I cannot get it to embed)

5. Here’s cheesemonger Andreas with the first two wheels:

6. Here’s my selfie with the adopted Alp cheese.

Don’t forget to post your cheesemonger selfie here:

7. Cheesemonger gatherings are awesome. I think cheesemongers everywhere should have them. Cheese is not necessary for the event.

8. It is feeling like the holidays in the cooler.

9. Here is one of my current favorite cheeses. Amazingly low price for what you get:
moelleux de revard

10. Here’s some more cheese pr0n for you filthy people:

8 responses to “10 things about my cheesy life.

  1. Arrrrrggggh. The ghostwriter thing is maddening.

    Then again, what sad narrow little lives they must lead for it to be inconceivable that someone could have deep knowledge on a topic, great customer service, AND be a really good writer.

    • I honestly find it funny at this point. Though I am always surprised when it happens. It’s only the rudeness that annoys me, not the ignorance!

  2. The real question is, what INTERN do you use to write your blog for you. : )

  3. I read your book and I read all of your cheesy posts and make cheese lists which I carry with me to the cheese vendors around here in my search for wonderful cheese. Thank you for your cheesiness. 😉

  4. That Moelleux is the find of the year!

    • I was working alone last Saturday night so I just started offering it up as a form of crowd control. The masses were appeased!

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