Cheesemonger Selfies

Oh what the heck. I am too busy to write anything about cheese these days. You probably are too. But why don’t we collect Cheesemonger selfies with cheese. It will amuse us all during the coming craziness:

Here’s mine. In the Rainbow Grocery Cooperative cheese prep area with Alpkaese from Obern Galm, Switzerland. Cheese was made between 6500-8000 ft.


Post yours in the comments! (or send me yours via email if you can’t figure out how to post them gordonzolaedgar at gmail dot com)

21 responses to “Cheesemonger Selfies

  1. Sarah Marcus, cheesemaker, at Briar Rose Creamery


  2. Tim Gaddis, Atlanta’s Cheesemonger (at Star Provisions), and daughter during one of the few times in history when Falcons fans had something to cheese about. But where’s the cheese?


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  4. Here’s Tim Gaddis again with the”Gaddis” cheese from Nature’s Harmony.


    How come no one has named a cheese for me? *sniff, sniff* 😉

  5. Anne from Cherry Valley Dairy with her Dairy Reserve. Artistic!


  6. JB from sister co-op Other Avenues and Velo Fromage models his Cameo eyewear. Word Up!

  7. Wendy Levy and Vento D’Estate… what a combo! Wendy owns the amazing Brattleboro Cheese in Vermont.

    wendy levy

    • oooh one of my most FAVORITE cheeses!! we, aren’t able to get it any longer… stupid importers don’t understand great cheeses. 😦

  8. Here’s the awesome Patty Peterson from Larry’s Market in Milwaukee with a new batch of Martone from La Clare Farms (I can’t wait to try this cheese!)
    Patty Peterson

  9. Cheesemakers cannot resist this post. Hello Sarah Pinet:
    Victory Hill Farm Haiku

    With bloodshot, bagged eyes,
    Farmstead work is never done,
    Though chevre is draining.

    by Sarah Pinet
    Victory Hill Farm
    Scottsbluff, Nebraska

    sarah pinet

  10. Jasmine Smith holding a piece of her current fave: Knockdrinna Meadow, an Irish sheep cheese from Co. Kilkenny. Jasmine works at Sheridan’s Cheesemongers in Galway Ireland!

    jasmine smith

  11. Len Liang in in warwick, quebec, canada scrubbing down a “”Zacharie Coultier”

    • i actually work in a shop in toronto, canada (and yes, my mayor has smoked crack). taking some days from my summer holiday, i was honored to be allowed to help make this cheese. unbelievable life experience which i will never forget.

  12. Kia Burton from Urban Radish in LA. With Colston Basset Stilton, of course.
    kia and stilton

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