Almost time for ACS

I will be in Sacto on Saturday morning — judging curds of all things — so it seems like it’s time to re-post my “Humble suggestions for getting the most out of the cheese conference”. So, here ya go!

I’ve lost track of how many ACS conferences I have attended. I pretty sure I have attended every one not on the East Coast since 1999. Almost universally, they have been awesome experiences that have taught me innumerable things about cheese and introduced me to people I otherwise might never have met.

Back when I first started going, there were only about 300 people attending the conferences but still, I didn’t know anyone except for a handful of California cheesemakers. While I am sometimes good about faking it, I am actually kind of shy by nature, so I am humbly going to attempt to produce a guide that I would have found useful back in the day… (click link to read the whole thing)

Also I will be doing a cheese event at the Co-op ($20 includes a $5 off coupon and cheese and wine!) on Saturday evening, signing books at the conference on Friday morning 8/1 (which can be very lonely and sad if no one comes to say hi, hint hint), and moderating a panel later in that afternoon. See you there.

One response to “Almost time for ACS

  1. Andrea London

    Sorry I missed your Sacto Coop event. Coming into Sacto today. Will u b there for Pub Crawl tues. eve? I’d like to do that with you! I’ll be volunteering at registration desk Tues/Wed. Wow! Has it been that long since you have been active in ACS! I think I was the cheesy person who got you involved!

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