July 15 — Pt Reyes Station, CA The Fork Pt. Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co. 14700 Highway One, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956.  Includes farm tour, cheddar and Pt. Reyes Farmstead Cheese tastings, Lagunitas beer,  a reading, and book signing. 1:30-4 PM. Tickets needed, see The Fork website for details. $45

July 25 — Des Moines, IA  Cheese Shop of Des Moines Cheddar class.  This is going to be great! Tickets here. 6:30-7:30 PM $50

July 29 — Des moines, IA American Cheese Society Conference I will be signing books at the conference bookstore. Come on by and say hi, even if you have a book.  Tables can be lonely. 11:30-Noon.

August 3 — San Francisco Main Library, 100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, 94102.  6 PM. Free.

August 20 — Pacific Palisades, CA.  Culinary Historians of Southern California Reading and talk at Pacific Palisades Public Library, 861 Alma Real. 2 PM.  Free.

August 21 — Claremont, CA. Reading and cheddar talk at the Cheese Cave 325 Yale Avenue, Claremont, Ca 91711. Noon. Free.

August 25 — South San Francisco, CA. Reading and cheddar tasting. South San Francisco Public Library840 W Orange Ave, South San Francisco, 94080 6 PM. Free.


(I will add more details as dates get closer! Photo on top of page by Myleen Hollero She took that amazing cover photo for Cheesemonger too!)

cover pic


cheddar cover

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  2. Modern Times is happy to be Gordon’s cheese bitches the night of and have Worker Owned Solidarity. Also, Bay Area, Gordon’s book is right on the front counter and I think we’re making it a Pick of the Month, which means 10% off! So come buy some cheese literature and support our cranky hot bookstore!

    • Yay Leah! I was just about to call you. I’m supposed to drop some postcards by. Are you working today? Tomorrow?

      Glad we finally have a confirmed night!

  3. Yeah, I emailed you but I got your vacation responder. I’m working til 6 or 7- come by! Nothing would make me more gleeful.

  4. not there tomorrow but drop em off regardless. i’m back thursday if you want to give me cheer

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  7. Hi Gordon,
    I just purchased your book, Cheesemonger, and am enjoying it thoroughly. Seems you and I started in cheese about the same time, and reading your book is at times a review of my own cheesy life.
    I am presently working for a cheese and specialty foods distributor. . . great because I have access to a variety of cheeses that no one individual retailer could hope to carry. I do, however, pine for the good old days behind the counter. The price of progress, I suppose. I am presently working on an assignment for one of our larger (and needier) customers and I am hoping you can help as you are also experienced in the often nutritionally needy co-op community. Our customer (large grocery store chain) has requested that we make a list of the cheeses they carry that are 100% gluten-free. Stupid me, I thought all cheese was gluten free until you ruined it with a cracker. But no, it is not so simple. Blue cheese mold is often grown on wheat-based augurs and so is not totally gluten free. I am wondering if p. candidum, p. glaucum, and other happy molds and bacterial schmers are also cultivated in this manner. Also, are there other sneaky ways that gluten could get into a cheese–via spices, fruits, rubbed up rinds and the like? My efforts at squeezing this information from the vendors of my list of cheeses has been pretty fruitless. . . cheesemakers are great with full on disclosure, if I can talk to them directly, but talking to the person who makes the cheese is not always so easy.
    Any help, even no help, would be helpful at this point. Thanks for your kind consideration. Sorry to have missed you while you were in the Portland area.

    Your sister in cheese,

  8. I enjoyed your program at the Mountain View Public Library awhile back.
    We would love to talk to you about doing something similar at our Saratoga Public Library. Hopefully you’ll have some time when you get back.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Betsy White
    Adult Librarian

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