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Cheese songs and cheese name bans

1. There was a good interview with me about cheesemongering here. They somehow found an out-take photo from my book cover photo shoot by the awesome Myleen Hollero.

2. I love the little Comte man. But everytime I see this image:

I start singing this song, substituting “Comte” for “Police”.

It matters to me what Joe Strummer would have thought and I don’t think he would have approved.

3. The worst thing about that is that – except for the chorus my Comte song makes no sense. Why would the cops be chasing the Comte man? It is not like the internally coherent, “Buffalo Taleggio/Dreadlocked bison/Refrigerate on arrival/Refrigerate for survival” version of the Bob Marley classic I sing whenever we get Quadrello di Bufala in.

4. As for the current controversy regarding the EU wanting to reclaim cheese names, these three articles sum things up well:

The Guardian, The American Cheese Society and Lincoln Broadbanks from “The Better Cheddar”

But I would add that the people hurt most by this would be the largest US cheese companies. Most small-scale producers figured out long ago that naming your cheese after the European was a fool’s game (with some exceptions like Mozzarella. Cheddar is especially a joke in this case because they way that Cheddar is made in the US was invented in the US.). If Kraft comes out in favor of small producer issues — like making sure raw milk cheese can stay legal at 60 days aged — I would feel a lot more strongly on this issue.

5. Let’s just look at a cheese rind now:


Cheese songs

Thanks everyone for the Eurythmics cheese song.

We make up cheese songs all the time at work. I think every cheese person does.

Our department favorite have historically been: “I ain’t no Challerhocker!” to the tune of “Holla back girl”, “Little French Raclette” to the tune of “Little Red Corvette”, “Vegan Slice” to the tune of “Cold as Ice”. (“You’re a vegan slice! Willing to sacrifice flav-orrrr”).

Cheese people, what are your favorite cheese songs?

The SF cheesemonger anthem is “Don’t gimmie no bammer Brie” but most of you won’t know the original song.

Don’t gimmie no bammer Brie. We don’t eat that S— in the SFC. (NSFW!)