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The year in cheese pictures #8

45 years for Redwood Hill! This sculpture is from the Fancy Food Show last January. Amazing!

The year in cheese pictures #9

One of my favorite new (to me) cheeses this year. Everton from Jacobs and Brichford… More like a well-aged Comte than any other American-made cheese I’ve tried. The last wheel we got was also super oniony in that good Alpine way. Mmmmmmm.


The year in cheese photos #10

For the last ten days of the year I will share some of my favorite 2013 cheese photos. You ready? Here we go!

Delivery of Valley Ford Cheese. Much of it made on my birthday in 2012!

Cheese list — the first time since Thanksgiving I’ve had a chance to post

1. Isn’t this just about the most gorgeous cheese label you’ve ever seen?


2. I love that Rush Creek is now a Thanksgiving tradition. I wish we could get enough Winnimere to make that an Xmas one, but I get it! I get it! Rush Creek for xmas too!

3. Here’s one of my Thanksgiving cheese plates. My family got the more American plate.

(From front left, clockwise: Anton’s Peppered Ass Cheese, Cremeux de Bourgnone, Camembert di Bufala, Scharfer Maxx Extra, Molleux du Revard)

4. Still collecting Cheesemonger Selfies. More are being posted all the time. Email me your pics and I’ll put em up. (gordon.zola.edgar at gmail dot com)

5. If you are local and are not on the invite list for the monthly cheesemonger gatherings, go here, or hit me up at that email as well and I’ll put you on the list. It is not exclusive!

6. I really cannot create any real content you know… it’s that time of the year.

7. I should be able to officially announce my book contract in my next post though. I would be able to now except for a couple of e-book details that weren’t in my last contract. Things have changed!

8. I am going to post a picture a day starting tomorrow. My cheese memories of 2013. You likely have seen ‘em before, but whatever. True beauty doesn’t fade.

10 things about my cheesy life.

Clearly I do not have enough time to make consistent blog posts. I think I will have to resort to lists until the end of the year.

1. I got asked again by a customer “Who ghost wrote your book for you?” Because I know you are curious, usually people ask because they want a recommendation on who to hire to help them develop a personal brand. And no, they usually have not read my book.

2. Not that there’s anything wrong with not having read my book. Most Americans have not read my book.

3. We adopted an Alp from the awesome Caroline Hostettler. Program info is here. Basically, this is a program to support cheesemakers who are still doing the traditional seasonal migration of animals up and down the Alps (also known as transhumance). Our cheese is awesome. Made between 6500-8000 ft, it is buttery, grassy, nutty, and milky sweet. It is on the younger side so it doesn’t have the onioniness pungency of a more aged Swiss Alp Cheese, but it is much more complex than most of the young Swisses that come into the US.

4. We got the party Alp, Obern Galm. Here’s the party alp theme song (I don’t know why I cannot get it to embed)

5. Here’s cheesemonger Andreas with the first two wheels:

6. Here’s my selfie with the adopted Alp cheese.

Don’t forget to post your cheesemonger selfie here:

7. Cheesemonger gatherings are awesome. I think cheesemongers everywhere should have them. Cheese is not necessary for the event.

8. It is feeling like the holidays in the cooler.

9. Here is one of my current favorite cheeses. Amazingly low price for what you get:
moelleux de revard

10. Here’s some more cheese pr0n for you filthy people:

Cheesemonger Selfies

Oh what the heck. I am too busy to write anything about cheese these days. You probably are too. But why don’t we collect Cheesemonger selfies with cheese. It will amuse us all during the coming craziness:

Here’s mine. In the Rainbow Grocery Cooperative cheese prep area with Alpkaese from Obern Galm, Switzerland. Cheese was made between 6500-8000 ft.


Post yours in the comments! (or send me yours via email if you can’t figure out how to post them gordonzolaedgar at gmail dot com)

Brooklyn Postcard

Forever Cheese table at the Food Matters Again holiday show: