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Cheddar is done

cheddar cover

cheddar cover

Hi everyone. Did you miss me?

I had to put a lot of other writing (and other things) aside to finish and edit my new book but now that it’s all in the publisher’s hands, I can return to this blog. There is fun and freedom in writing a couple hundred words unconnected to another 60-70,000.

I plan to post here regularly again so feel free to subscribe to the blog or to my revamped newsletter. I know that looking at the previous few entries doesn’t inspire confidence – is there anything more sad and lonely than a non-updated blog? But you know how it goes… with a full-time job, family, and writing a book, something had to give for awhile.

I am really excited about the book. It started as an idea (thanks Laurie) that to understand cheese in America, you have to understand cheddar. Cheddar was America’s most popular cheese for 150 years, it was the first non-regionally-specific factory cheese, it begat the popularity of processed cheese (and later, cheese food), it affected – and was affected by – America’s food safety fears, and, really, almost everyone loves some form of it.

In fact, you should go pre-order it right now.

I’m working on events, readings, cheddar tastings, and all that stuff but since it doesn’t officially come out until October, I am also looking to just have some good old cheese talk here. It’s good to see you all again.

Things I’ve been meaning to share

Just a little linky housekeeping today…

1. Congrats to Steve Jones for winning the 2nd Cheesemonger invitational. He was part of a team that one the first ACS competition as well and seems to be a very nice guy. West Coast Mongers represent!

2. Gianaclis Caldwell (like myself, a Chelsea Green author) wrote the kind of blog post I love to write, exploding the urban myth of goat milk as “nature’s most complete food”. She raises goats and makes goat cheese so this isn’t cow-laden propaganda.

3. The food punks article finally went up on Saveur online. Check it out. There’s a hilarious old picture of me in the gallery.

4. The Splendid Table interview of me was replayed, almost causing a high school friend to drive off the road when she heard my voice on NPR. You can check it out here. I think it’s funny that the biggest media thing I did for my book was on a program that doesn’t air in the Bay.

closing time tableau

How desperate are you to read my book?

Evidently you can “buy” my unpublished book used for $999.99 from this online book seller. I am confused by the grading however. If you are going to sell an imaginary book, why not make it “excellent” condition instead of “very good”. I guess they didn’t want to oversell it.

(Real publication date is still March 2010)

Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge

While this is all good news to me, this announcement may sound a little good news/bad news to you folks. But, here it is: I have changed publishers for my book.

The bad news is that it will not be published until early 2010, nearly a full year past the original pub date.

The overwhelmingly good news is that I have reached an agreement with Chelsea Green, a environmentalist press who have put out some of my favorite cheese books (including one that I actually quoted in my manuscript – how incestuous!). I am incredibly excited to be involved with Chelsea Green because I have admired their work for years. Plus, I think they will actually print the book!

I wish my old publisher well. They have put out some books I love and while they are going through some hard times right now, I do think they will eventually rebound. I just couldn’t stay in limbo any longer.

I will link to ordering information and all that when it’s up in a few months, but just wanted to update you all on the state of the Cheesemonger.

Thanks for all your support.