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Things I’ve been meaning to share

Just a little linky housekeeping today…

1. Congrats to Steve Jones for winning the 2nd Cheesemonger invitational. He was part of a team that one the first ACS competition as well and seems to be a very nice guy. West Coast Mongers represent!

2. Gianaclis Caldwell (like myself, a Chelsea Green author) wrote the kind of blog post I love to write, exploding the urban myth of goat milk as “nature’s most complete food”. She raises goats and makes goat cheese so this isn’t cow-laden propaganda.

3. The food punks article finally went up on Saveur online. Check it out. There’s a hilarious old picture of me in the gallery.

4. The Splendid Table interview of me was replayed, almost causing a high school friend to drive off the road when she heard my voice on NPR. You can check it out here. I think it’s funny that the biggest media thing I did for my book was on a program that doesn’t air in the Bay.

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