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Wisconsin vs. California

My favorite thing about the Niners annihilation of Green Bay last weekend was an email from a certain Wisconsin cheesemaker who shall remain nameless. When former dairyman and Niners QB Colin Kaepernick threw an interception that Green Bay returned for a touchdown to go up 7-0 I received this: “Don’t feel too bad…there’s always next year for you guys.”

Since I was watching the game, I didn’t see this until the next morning after the dairy farmer-led Niners scored 45 points and Green Bay only scored one more touchdown that mattered. Arthur over at Wisconsin Foodie had also bet me over the result of the game. The loser would have to proclaim the other state’s cheese as the best on their facebook page. That poor guy had a lot of angry readers when he posted that California cheese is the best in the country. Not sure if there were death threats but it wouldn’t have surprised me.

I love our cheese and football rivalries. Especially when California wins.

Go Niners!

Wisconsin Day 4: I love Milwaukee

I love Milwaukee.

I have loved Milwaukee since I went to the ACS conference there. Sheana and I stayed in the Presidential Suite, put on a party, went to the Spy Bar, we saw the pre-scandal John Edwards, I got food poisoning from someone’s bad cheese the night before I had to be on a panel… Good times!

As much as I love Milwaukee, I was worried about my reading there. The only two people who I am good friends with in the whole town (besides the folks putting on the event) couldn’t come so I was resigned to it being Steve and Patty from Larry’s Market and whoever would be trapped in the store when I started reading. I was counting on the Midwestern Nice thing to obligate people to stay and watch me so as not to be rude. After all, Madison was good, but there was only one person there who wasn’t a friend, or friend-of-friend.

Instead, Milwaukee was one of the best book events I’ve done.

Good product placement or editorial comment?
garbage only

Steve and Patty did a great job of promotion and lots of local food writers came out for it. Lucy Saunders, Jeanette Hurt (and her lovely child), Pam Percy and Martin Hintz were there. I got a nice blog post from Thomas Geilfuss. Arthur Ircink from Wisconsin Foodie interviewed me about Wisconsin Cheese and taped my whole reading (Boy I hope those California cheesemakers don’t hear what I said about them!).

US Champion Cheesemaker Katie Hedrich was even spotted in the audience. Someone managed to get a grainy paparazzi-like photo of her and her brother Greg.
Katie and Greg Hedrich @Larry's

But the whole crowd was fun. They asked interesting questions and laughed at all the right places. Since I had pretty much decided this would be my last reading, I just read the funniest parts of the book. I figured they could read the more narcissistic and political bits in the privacy of their own homes.

I can’t think of a better way to end my year of self-promotion.