American Cheese Society Conference: Favorite cheeses (part 4)

Another great Pacific Northwest cheesemaker is Oregon’s River’s Edge Chevre. We’ve carried their Valsetz, Humbug Mountain, and Up in Smoke, but I’d never seen the Jupiter’s Moon until the Festival of Cheese

I mean, just look at this cheese!

This batch was a little firmer than I would like, but the cheese is still good enough to get mentioned here. It’s like a firm, domestic Cabri Ariègeois! (basically a goat milk version of the heavily washed Vacherin Mont D’or/ Winnimere/Forsterkase style). Big, complex, earthy flavor: richness, tang, grassiness, and a little smokiness. I can’t wait to try this again under better conditions.

6 responses to “American Cheese Society Conference: Favorite cheeses (part 4)

  1. I love river’s edge. One of my favorites. I’ve never tasted this one though.

    • Hey you, good to see you here. I love River’s Edge too. I don’t know if anyone in the country makes better ripened goat.

  2. I just bought this cheese at CheesePlus and will be trying it tonight! your unabashed enthused approval is really priming my pump!
    totally excited to see your imminent book arrival- do we really have to wait till Feb?
    I work in cheese in Healdsburg market and am hoping to make it to the cheese conference, but unfortunately work Sun. Do you know the sched of any of the other days?
    keepin it cheesy,

    • Elizabeth, the schedule should be posted soon on Sheana’s site: Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference. There will be a lot of good stuff, I think Mateo’s talk is especially not to be missed.

      and I hear rumors the book may be out a little before mid-February, especially if you pre-order from Chelsea Green.

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