Green Day Cheese

So seriously… if Green Day were a cheese, what cheese would they be?

I want to be prepared next time someone asks me.

6 responses to “Green Day Cheese

  1. I’m on a mission
    I made my decision
    To lead a path of cheese construction
    A slow progression
    Killing my complexion
    And it’s rotting out my teeth

    I’m on a roll
    No self control
    I’m blowing off steam with that Green Cheese
    Don’t know what I want
    That’s all that I’ve got
    And I’m picking curds off my face

    Every hour my cheese is turning sour
    And my pulse is beating out of time
    I found a treasure
    filled with sick pleasure
    And it sits on a thick white plate.

  2. Gordon, Ohh, I must bite on this one! OK, IMHO, John Mayer is sort of like Tillamook cheddar–OK if you’re in the car. For me, the Pixies would be like a really good Comte or a Robiola. So there is my calibration. Now I like Green Day for what they are, but the best I would give them would be only a bit better than the Tillamook, maybe like a 3 year-old Widmer or some fresh curd? OK, now what band would go with with Red Hawk, and what cheese would you put with Motorhead?

  3. Alexis Gonzales

    I like Dave’s “cheese pairings” methodology . . . still, I came up with “Sage Derby”.

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