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The year in cheese pictures #1

This year’s batch is just hitting stores now. This is from the batch of Jasper Hill Winnimere that took first place at ACS in 2013. Heck, I voted for it.

The year in cheese pictures #2

The cheese world remembers:



The Year in cheese pictures #5

Tunworth! Neal’s Yard-imported Camembert-style from the Hampshire Cheese Co…. first time I’ve seen it in the US and it’s pretty darn awesome!


The year in cheese pictures #6

Artsy, moldy cheese in walk in.


The year in cheese pictures #7

Pete and the Giant Stilton! I really didn’t know they made them this big.


The year in cheese pictures #8

45 years for Redwood Hill! This sculpture is from the Fancy Food Show last January. Amazing!

The year in cheese pictures #9

One of my favorite new (to me) cheeses this year. Everton from Jacobs and Brichford… More like a well-aged Comte than any other American-made cheese I’ve tried. The last wheel we got was also super oniony in that good Alpine way. Mmmmmmm.


The year in cheese photos #10

For the last ten days of the year I will share some of my favorite 2013 cheese photos. You ready? Here we go!

Delivery of Valley Ford Cheese. Much of it made on my birthday in 2012!